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At FoamForm, we promise you are going to sleep well every night on a FoamForm bed, for over 10,000 nights. With our patented FoamForm natural latex mattress core, you can enjoy 10,000 nights of freedom from back pain. 10,000 nights of alignment corrective sleep, 10,000 nights of improved posture, and even better pain-free days.

FoamForm natural latex cores exceed every benchmark standard for alignment, duration, and longevity, to relieve and eliminate back pain. Conventional mass market mattress construction caters solely to the showroom display, ignoring spinal alignment, duration, and longevity. These are the three factors critical to delivering a great sleep day in, day out. Showroom testing only depicts contact softness, and lacking the other four critical factors, is akin to sleep on a couch pillow; the lack of support contour alignment caves your back every night, causing long-term damage when your spine is unable to relax and repair the strain accumulated through the day. A FoamForm natural latex mattress is the first patented mattress on the retail market dedicated to preventing and repairing the long-term damage of repeated strain through corrective posture alignment; for you to live better tonight, and well into the future.

To achieve three times the density of regular mattress latex, to prevent degradation through repeated compression, FoamForm natural latex mattress cores are made with our new proprietary process. Natural 100% latex is injected into an extremely pressurized injection mold to achieve triple the density of any current mattress, of any material. FoamForm mattress cores hold many times the atmospheric pressure to provide the strongest, longest lasting mattress available. The rate of injection and internal vessel pressure variably decreases at set intervals to produce a triple dense progressive compression natural latex that is soft for contact and support; yet strong and firm to ensure proper spinal alignment time and time again. This is a difference you will feel immediately. A softer top zone coupled with a seamlessly progressive firm foundation. Every FoamForm bed comes with a promise to correct and eliminate back pain, so you can live better, stronger days. With a FoamForm bed, there’s no more tossing and turning at night, so enjoy a difference you can feel every night, and wake up with more rested energy you can feel every day.

Both soft and strong.

Contact is defined by how well a mattress will even out weight distribution and eliminate pressure points. This is a fundamental attribute that is oversold by the mass market, overstating its importance. Contact without support and alignment is pointless, as a tub of water will wet your back, but there’s no support. We have modeled our mattresses to be able to form around your body no matter where you lay down it. Our Progressive Compression technology allows you to be able to lay in one spot for a couple hours, and should you feel the need to roll over or try out a new part of the bed, the mattress will be able to adapt to your movements and match your new sleeping position. You will notice a difference switching to our mattress, as our mattresses have been created to cater to our customers every unique sleeping position and is able to adapt to create a point of contact on your entire body to ensure proper spinal alignment.

Support is created by the holding points of the mattress based on body contour. The most misunderstood feature to a mattress because it is difficult to achieve. This is often mistaken for Contact. Just because every part of your body is in contact with the mattress does not mean that you are supported with proper spinal alignment. Support is what allows for proper spinal alignment. Support with our mattresses is achieved through our patented Triple Dense Progressive Compression manufacturing process. A deteriorating mattress loses support over time and concaves under compression or will periodically concave by the 5th to 8th hour. Proper support ensures proper spinal alignment.

Contact and Support come together hand in hand. These two of our 5 main features ensure that you can enjoy your best sleep and be able to wake up in the morning and enjoy a day without back pain.

Proper back posture

Alignment is determined by proper spinal alignment, when the weight of the body and back is evenly distributed, allowing joints, and the spine to decompress. Traditional mattress design is unable to provide the same support forces from your first to last hour of sleep, and as a result, alignment suffers. The Progressive Compression allows for a progressive increase in force depending on compression, so you get the support where it is needed and remains soft where it isn’t.

Our mattresses will provide you with the best possible alignment that they are able to. Unlike most traditional mattresses which may provide proper spinal alignment, they tend to wear out at an exponential rate the more that they are used. With our technology, you will be able to feel the comfort from your first sleep well into your 100th sleep.

One of the main causes of back pain and back issues stem from humans most important and constant activities, sleep. If you spend more than a third of your life confined to a regular mattress that will give you an increasingly worse sleep with every use, then of course back pain is very prevalent in our lives. If you spend 33% of your life sleeping, then why not make sure that you are using the best possible mattress to ensure the protection of your spine and get a consistently comfortable sleep.

All Night Every Night

Duration is the measure of change in spinal alignment and support over time. Duration will measure the change in spinal alignment from the first hour of sleep, incrementally to the 8th hour. Body heat and consistent weight will soften materials over time. So, a mattress that feels soft in the showroom will be concave and create gross misalignment by the 2nd or 3rd hour of sleep. Tossing and turning through the night is a result of the body’s attempt to relieve spinal pressure from misalignment. In combination with the progressive compression Mattress Core, we use Pura Silka brand silk fabric to make our mattress covers to best disperse heat to extend our industry leading Duration rating even further. Comfort is a nice benefit also.

Longevity is degradation measured over repeated use. This addresses how soon and how much a mattress will degrade over time and no longer provide proper spinal support if used for 8 to 12 hours each day, every single day. Under this type of cyclical loading, conventional standard is to use a 4 to 5 hour period daily. We designed ours for an 8 to 12 hour period daily. Conventional mattresses will begin to degrade within one year, depending on quality, possibly sooner if you are beyond their 5’7″ 130- pound designed user. We model a much denser 5’6″ 250-pound sleeper, so the support is perfect on the 3650th sleep just as it is on the 1st.

Most mattresses will last you 5 years and depending on the quality maybe up to 10 years. With a FoamForm mattress, you will expect a mattress to last you 25 years. Even if you start to feel like your mattress is starting to feel like it is not giving you the best possible sleep, our guaranteed warrantee will ensure that we continue to make sure that you are always left sleeping satisfied. Here at FoamForm, we will guarantee that you are covered for 25 years after purchase or 10,000 sleeps.

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